Kokosing River Outfitters

Not Good

Rating: 5 of 5

If you are looking for an outfitter that offers a great lodge setting , plenty of room around your  bed to lay out your gear plus a table or chair, bathroom facilities for the number of hunters, great food, 2 maybe 3 hunters per guide,great food, pick you up or drop you off at your time maybe 10am, noon or 6pm, top notch stands in travel lanes or fringe areas, great food, pictures of the deer at the stand, and an area with plenty of deer.

I’m sure you heard outfitters expound on their camp, well I believe the old football coach Bill Parcells theory, show me the pelts don’t talk….. prove it.  Well this outfitter has the pelts. Not drop horns, or hit by the mail truck mounts.

When your sitting in your stand and way out you see THE monster what do you say when you get in the pickup? I say, didn’t see anything, then later in the evening I would sneak over to the guide and tell him I want to go back to the same stand.                    Nah, you won’t like this place.

- David Zigler Sr
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